Zombie Survival Brettspiel Tabletop
Zombie Survival Brettspiel Tabletop

WORLDS of UNIVERSE - Survival Board Game / Tabletop and Online Game

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The goal in WoU:

wou board game

WoU - Survival Board Game / Tabletop

The heart of WORLDS of UNIVERSE is the upcoming board game. After the release, tabletop elements will be added and the game will be expanded year after year. The crowdfunding campaign is planned for autumn 2023.

WoU is an upcoming zombie survival board game & tabletop, which will be introduced through a Crowdfund campaign. It will be released towards the end of 2023, but you will have to be patient until then.
The theme in part 1 of WORLDS of UNIVERSE is about today’s advanced times, in a post-apocalyptic and zombie/mutant infested world after the fallout.

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wou online game

The WoU Online Game

It will probably be a browser game for desktop and smartphone. In it, you dive into the world of WoU as a survivor from cryostasis. If everything goes according to plan, releasing it at the end of 2024 should be possible. If there will be beta tests in advance, you are welcome to apply for them by signing up for the newsletter

wou NFT cards
wou NFT cards
Worlds of Universe Token Survival
Worlds of Universe Token Survival

WoU NFT game & collection

WoU is about to enter the blockchain world for two reasons!
1. we want to give all NFT fans a little fun for the long wait to the board game. Also, we can create an adventurous survival game based on the NFT trading cards, which are interesting to collect at the same time.
-> more about WoU – Token Survival
2. we will offer support NFTs, with which you can support the WoU project financially. It will serve as a pre-investment for the 2023 campaign.
-> more about the Investment NFTs


SPIEL Fair Essen 2023 in Germany

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Covid19 and the heroes of patience

The old Pandemic trailer from last year

What genre will it be?

The game will be a mix of …

Zombie Survival Brettspiel & Tabletop

Tabletop Elements

How it is possible to bring this range of genres together, you will find out later.

The game will be both a co-op and a lone fighter game. For up to 6 players. Despite the complex scope of WoU, the game will also be designed to be beginner-friendly. Of course, you will also encounter zombies in the post-apocalypse 😀

How to play the board game?

Unfortunately, this is one of the questions I cannot yet answer. But you will learn how exactly the game will work at the launch of the campaign. For those who can’t wait, there will be a chance to play the test games from the beginning of summer 2023. Further information will follow later.

One thing I can promise, there will be some zombies to eliminate 😀 and elements you’ve never seen before in a board game or tabletop.

Wie spielt sich das Zombie Survival Brettspiel Tabletop Game

What is WORLDS of UNIVERSE all about?

The story begins in WORLDS of UNIVERSE Teil 1: Dawn of Terra [Part I] on our earth in the year [now]. The only difference is that the fate of the earth was already determined in the 50s. That is with a fallout, justified by a desperate attempt to stop a pandemic. A foreign virus-transformed 60 percent of the population into zombie-like mutant beings.

The humans, as they are, destroyed themselves afterward. The chaos in the new world brings WoU to a post-apocalyptic journey in which players can play their own hero. Due to the disintegration from 1950 onwards, the world in WoU contains both old-fashioned things that have stood still in their time, as well as technical achievements over the years of development.


New world order

While some live in the Outland, empires, and elites in their futuristic districts are forging new plans for power over a new unified world. On the other hand, two camps are striving for only one thing; to survive. This is exactly where the players come into play. You are allowed to join one of the camps, do jobs, and advance the main story. And as expected in a zombie survival board game, actually also zombie, mutants, something ugly 😀

Note: This game has no connection through the Covid19 events, the content was written by me three years ago. This is pure coincidence.

Why a short movie?

I would like you to get a feeling for the big picture,  that you can dive into the new world around the game. That’s why I took 900 hours to produce an elaborate short film. Of course, I don’t represent Hollywood, the possibilities are limited 🙂

Missed the movie?
⇒Movie (german Version)
⇒Movie (english Version)

The board game will be very medial, that means the fun will not only take place on the board at home, but also worldwide networked in the whole WoU Communiverse. That’s what I call you, the gaming community.

You will find out how far-reaching this is at the start of the campaign.

How big will it be?

Always remember, the game will not be a simple little game, but a really extensive zombie survival board game and tabletop. The necessary budget will be a few hundred thousand dollars. I think this makes the size of the game a little bit more tangible. For this reason,WoU needs your support and investment as well as your faith and trust in this great game. We can only manage such a mammoth project if we work together.

What is the plan?

Plans for WoU go well beyond 10 years. Firstly, it’s all about creating the prototype for the campaign launch and offering you the opportunity to support it through Crowdfunding. At the same time, it will also be presented at the SPIEL 2023 trade fair in germany.

When is a tabletop coming?

As for tabletop, you will have to be patient. But if you are a miniature enthusiast and enjoy collecting, painting, and fighting with friends, then the WoU universe is the right place for you.

Who are those working on the project

Your WoU author, i.e. me 😉 currently does everything myself. Except for the character illustrations, where I get help from great artists. However, what you see at the moment will probably not make it into the final game. There are still many optimizations to be made, even in character design.
Freelancers will be added in the course of time, and after a successful campaign, a new start-up will be created and we will really get started with the future of WORLDS of UNIVERSE.

How can I support WoU?

The best thing you can do for your new zombie survival Board Game & Tabletop right now is to share it with friends.

Things will be very quiet until October 2021. Because I, like you, have to work hard and earn money to finance the campaign. Besides, the next months will be more about international business contracts, corporations, preparations, business. Rather boring for you.

Be my patron

My wish would be to work 100% on the game. Since it’s not really possible, I offer you the possibility to support me via Patreon so that I can work more efficiently on the project and get the campaign ready for launch. What do you think about the idea? Let me know 🙂

How do I become part of the new WoU Communiverse?

Be a part of the WoU universe and participate in numerous story
contributions, author meetings, about the game, your wishes for the
game, role-playing discussions. Or simply meet like-minded people in the vast Communiverse.

Forum, Facebook oder Discord ?

Where would you like to exchange ideas in the future? Please take part in the survey so that we can take your opinion into account:

>>>> https://survey.app.do/communication-app-3371328


Wherever you land, don’t be frightened, it’s haunted :O everywhere. In other words, nothing, just emptiness. It will all come in the course of time.

Be a part of it all

WoU lives from the community and will develop in the future for and with players. The first step would be to subscribe to the newsletter, because then I will notify you immediately when it starts.

Be part of the big analog game world. I look forward to welcoming you soon.
Your WoU author, Marco.

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How do I become one of the main authors of the game?

A seat at the author’s table is only possible after the introduction of the first game. You will already be informed during the Crowdfund campaign how exactly this is planned.

How do I become a day author of the game world?

In the CCN News, i.e. in the blog, you will have the possibility to make your own contribution to the history and the events. Your creative side story has to meet a few requirements. Your story may also be based on an existing sidestory written by us or another player.
You can read more about it in the next section.

As you already know WoU is not just a Zombie Survival board game which will be released 2023. Right now we would like to tell you some little side stories so that you can get to know some persons, companies, and brotherhoods from the game universe.

It’s your turn now!

But the interesting thing is that the side stories are told by you and everyone else. The feature to write your own story will soon be activated. With your imagination, you can decide how someone or something develops. You can either create new news, horror stories, or tell the mysterious events, conspiracies, intrigues, and romances around the Central City … or develop a story about brotherhoods, companies, and store owners and retell others.

How does it work?

You will soon find a comment option in Abigail’s Underground, your central meeting point in the WoU. Here you can submit your own news to the news channel or tell others about it. Your post will then be checked by us if it fits the game and will be released afterwards.

What is special about it?

This should be just fun and we try to bridge the long waiting time for the release 🙂 However, the best stories and most exciting developments will eventually make it into the game and will be discussed there.

Shops Brotherhoods Companys

Now let's dive into the gaming world!

All persons mentioned, as well as the storyline of the game world, are fictitious. Any similarities with actual events or living or deceased persons would be purely coincidental.


HAVE YOU SEEN THE MOVIE? Then this is the end for you. The following texts are virtually a treatise on the content of the video.


The Human is a malicious virus that destroys everything where it settles. A wise human

A fallout for a zombie

Nobody expected that two different types of viruses could spread around the world at the same time. It happened in the late 50s. By focusing on the flu, the Zero.X pandemic wiped out 60 procent of humanity. And all this in only one year.

May 1958, the political relationship of all the great powers escalated to a furnace. Each tried to blame the other for the Zero.X. In no time at all, 45 million undead human-eaters were roaming the streets. When popular uprisings were no longer tolerated, governments cracked down hard, resulting in thousands of civilian casualties around the world. Even in Europe, the civilian population armed itself.

Overthrown government

Governments were completely or partially overthrown and lost their authority. Since the virus spread first in the metropolises, they chose the last resort and used nuclear explosions. With the goal of being able to contain the remaining infected in a more controlled way. All metropolises of the world were left in ruins. A radioactive fog contaminated continent after continent, almost all habitats. The result is 20% survivors.

The overthrown governments then concentrated on non-radioactive parts of the country and built new cities there.

That we are so advanced in the 21st century, despite the fall out in the 50s, is a miracle. The science and research have focused intensively on technologies to fight the mutant hordes. Meanwhile, many of us are living in the Outlands like in the stone age.

Der Virus mutiert in zahlreichen Formen


Virus.X ist Grund für den Zombie Auslöser

The new virus was not discovered until mid-1958. It has not yet been decoded. And the origin is only being speculated about. Its genome is completely unknown to us and contradicts our biological laws. Perhaps it is not from our planet. Hence the name Zero.X

It is the most dangerous virus that has ever existed. It reacts to its environment by mutating within seconds. And it responds to all the substances that we introduce into it with a defensive reaction. You’d think this thing was an intelligent life form.

Dangerous Mutation

Basically, there are millions of different forms of Zero.X as new ones are created every day. Even if we were to decode it completely, we would have no chance of finding a vaccine, because any human being can carry a mutated virus. We would need an individual vaccine for each and every one. That is why scientists are not looking for decoding or understanding of the virus, they are focusing on a possible symbiosis.

It should become part of the biological network and fulfill a function. Of course, it should only be a placebo for the Zero.X.

How does Zero.X actually behave

Currently, the virus does the following,… It sneezes into the brain and waits for the cells in the host to die. It feeds on these dead cells and begins to mutate. Afterward, it gains mental and motor control. This means that it only becomes active when necrosis occurs in the body. Unfortunately, this can also simply be a burn, or a bite or bruise. Fortunately, apoptosis is excluded. But occasionally Alzheimer’s disease has also been reported to activate the virus. In summary, it means that when a person dies, reaches old age, or suffers a massive injury, the virus comes back to life and takes control. The cognitive ability is zero. Only its primal instincts such as eating and pack behavior are present.

The New World Order The most famous camps of modern times, the Survivor Phoenix and Dark Wolves
As well as the new government, the United States of Earth.

USE - united states of earth

United States of Earth

Welcome to Central City Strangers. It seems you are visiting the city for the first time. One of the last uncontaminated places on earth. After the collapse of the most powerful countries in the world, a worldwide agreement was reached to work together for the future. For the first time in history, countries were absolutely united, we will survive this only if we work together. The USE consists of 7 states. North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and Luna Colonia, the first and only moon settlement under the supervision of LUNA Corp. In the future, exploration and research ships will start directly from Luna Colonia.

Task Force Elite of USE

The security zones will be guarded and controlled by the USE Army, the task force elite. There is an absolute ban on weapons in this area. The prisons are full of bandits and looters. Life outside civilization is dark, cold, and dangerous.

If you want to travel to faraway places, make sure you have enough food and at least a wooden spoon. You will have to beat up many of those undead out there. And if you have found something valuable to trade, feel free to stop by Central City or our outpost at any time, we will surely make a good deal.

Unfortunately, the USE or its task force elite cannot be present everywhere. So you are on your own. In the Outland, there are a few camps that are located here. Maybe you will find allies there. But be careful who you trust. Good luck.

Task Force Elite
International Arms Industries

International Arms Industries

International Arms Industries – has specialized in the development of new weapon systems since the fallout. With a focus on the rapid elimination of large mutant hordes. Melee weapons, on the other hand, are left to creative self-construction.


Survivor Phoenix

Hi you, I’m Lucy from Survivor Phoenix Camp. I’m glad you came by. I hope you’ll keep your eyes off the damn Dark Wolves. They are full of nonsense and make life difficult for everyone. It would definitely be more valuable for our society if you would dedicate yourself to achieving our goal. Here in North America we travel from one place to the next and build something everywhere that could offer a sustainable future. It is dangerous and a lot of work, but we believe that we can achieve a lot and make the world a better and safer place.

Listen, the waterworks near here should have been freed weeks ago, so that our engineers can get it running again. But we’re short of fuel for the truck again and the gas stations in the area are empty. Maybe you would like to join the next division. You will get warm food and dry clothes from us. Just think about it. Oh… and if you are out there, don’t forget your rain cape and gas mask. They said there would be more radioactive storms and acid rain. See you later.


Dark Wolves

Hey you clumsy clod, you don’t look like you are from here. Are you looking for work? I’m Jack. I’ll tell you what, in this crappy time we’re in, all we gotta do is take what we need. All this wailing about justice and safety… tzzz, who’s gonna feed you if you don’t even have land to cultivates anything? The decontaminated areas are all owned by the USE. What a mess. Basically, it’s the same crap as back then, everything belongs to the state and to get some of the cake you have to work your whole life for a crumb.

We from the Dark Wolves just take what is rightfully ours. You could say that each of us lives in wealth, because there is no lack of anything. But you also have to show loyalty and commitment. Our leader Hans Wolf has an eye for details. And if you don’t want to lose yours, you should always come back with positive news, or you can make friends with his letter opener. But hey, you seem to have two healthy hands,… look a little bit dopey like not slept for weeks, but some talent you will surely have, right?

Stupid Phoenix, they want to get the old waterworks up and running again. If they can do that, the USE will surely come and build a settlement again. But we don’t want to see their faces here. That’s why it would be … oh sorry I have to leave, we’re going out to loot. See you hey.

Cryotec Industries We bring you back to life for an intense lifetime.

Cryotec Industries

Back from the past

Dear visitor. We welcome you to Cryotec Industries, your company for an extended and fulfilled life. Since 1920 we have been researching the living conditions of animals in the coldest regions of the world. It was in our interest to conserve mankind, for an indefinite period, to bring them back to life. After the outbreak of the pandemic, research was increased by 500 percent.

Our research team succeeded in freezing human organs almost unharmed. However, the known risks were not eliminated until decades later. After the first successful vitrification, we started to put selected people into cryostasis. Among them are accident victims, victims of illness but also high-ranking persons.

The problem of denaturation was solved by the former cryonics engineer Professor Meier, who unfortunately recently died of Zero.X, after years of research. Thus, we were able to resuscitate cryo patient 01 for the first time in 2020.
The USE commissioned us to select capable potential recruits and make them fit for duty. Furthermore, there is interest in revolutionizing space travel on long-term journeys, so that the crew’s cryosleep enables them to travel over 100 years.

Survivors of the new world These 6 heroes must be led.

Amy die Anführerin im WORLDS of UNIVERSE Brettspiel

Amy Clark

A freedom fighter who joined rebels. She does not come from cryo but is a true child of modern times. At 22 years of age, she is the youngest and most experienced in the fight against mutants.

She likes to use light classical weapons. She lost her arm in close combat. Too much tissue was at risk of dying off, so amputation was opted for.

Close Combat
Ranged Combat
Heavy Guns

John Nerd

His nickname Nerd was apparently given to him due to his addiction to binary codes, hacking systems without getting caught. In June 1985 he was caught trying to hack the International Bank’s system. He discovered digital safe-deposit boxes with contents of a Mexican card. After hearing shots in his apartment, he was taken to Cryotec Industries. Why is it that nobody knows about this today? It is assumed that his skills will be required again. A cheeky but polite lad at the age of 18.


Close Combat
Ranged Combat
Heavy Guns
John, der Hacker im DoW Universum
Biggi mit ihrer schweren Wumme

Biggi Groß

A woman from the 60s who knows where to go. She did not stand behind the stove, but completed training of the international military guard in Germany and specialized in ranged weapons.

In 1967 she was kidnapped by the old American secret service, tortured, and then frozen alive. The files also show that the secret service had agreements with Cryotec that required Biggi to be handed over to the secret service. Via a social media campaign in 2019, freedom fighters gathered in front of Cryotec to hand over Biggi’s body. The USE agreed with both parties that Biggi would be listed as one of the first subjects for resurrection. She is already a media star.


Close Combat
Ranged Combat
Heavy Guns

Yuna Sakura

Yuna is 28 years old. She fought for a Japanese clan in the United States in 1992, which led to the civil war in Old York City. She was seriously injured and put on ice before she died. At the request of her clan, of course.


Close Combat
Ranged Combat
Heavy Guns
Yuna die Ninja Frau im Zombie Survival Brettspiel
Joel der harte Biker des Brettspiel

Joel Vincent

62 years of primary rock from old Paris. Born in 1911 and therefore full of life experience. His mother died at birth and his father was an alcoholic. He found his family in the Biker Brotherhood, where he made a name for himself. Around 1973 he was to be executed for murder. During the transfer from the state prison, the van suddenly disappeared and disappeared forever. Suddenly, Joel Vincent was found at Cryotec Industries. Nobody knows how and why he got there.


Close Combat
Ranged Combat
Heavy Guns

The Viking

His exact age is not known. However, he should be about 980 years old now. His body was found in Greenland after the fallout in the 60s. Locked under a 26-meter ice cover. The man, probably a Viking from Denmark, was completely preserved and conserved for the last 1000 years. It must have been a shock to be suddenly illuminated by magic LEDs. He does not speak words and only makes sounds. But he is fun to be with. Especially when hunting mutants. We think he loves heavy weapons.


Close Combat
Ranged Combat
Heavy Guns
Der Wikinger im Zombie Survival Brettspiel

Nasty ugly mutants These mutant classes keep people terrified.

Die Shopperin in DoW

The Shopper

The Shopper, when you run into a nice lady, she certainly does not want to go shopping with you. The bitch is damn biting.


Ranged Combat
Close Combat

The Workaholic

His work colleagues couldn’t even stand him, so don’t even start a conversation with the workaholic.


Ranged Combat
Close Combat
Workaholic Mutant im Zombie Survival Brettspiel
Der Soldat im Zombie Survival Brettspiel

The smart Soldier

this is the name we give to the most intelligent mutants. They can operate a firearm, so don’t get near him. He bears little resemblance to a zombie, he doesn’t bite either, but much more frightening is his intelligence. How the hell can he operate a gun?


Ranged Combat
Close Combat

The fast Prisoner

As soon as they hear a scream from the Fast Prisoner they should run and lock themselves in. This form of mutation makes him exceptionally agile and fast sprinting. And he can smell them from 500 meters. Less of a zombie classic, because he can’t bite anymore, but flails around with his knives.


Ranged Combat
Close Combat
Der schnelle Gefangene aus DoW
Der fette Wahnsinnige im Zombie Survival Brettspiel

The fat Lunatic

And if at any time they hear scratching on a concrete floor, a Fat Lunatic sneaks around. It is not for nothing that they were kept behind closed facilities back then. Never mess with this body fat mountain on your own. This ugly zombie meatball is Big Daddy in the post-apocalyptic world, so to speak. He puts away a hell of a lot, but is also very slow on the move.


Ranged Combat
Close Combat